Globe mallow photo SonoranMar20134106a_zps4def644f.jpg
Globe Mallow, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

These tiny lanterns,
blazing in honor of spring,
keep darkness at bay.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. tiny lanterns blazing …. essence of haiku is wonderful ~ Enjoy ^_^

  2. Great looking lanterns.

  3. The desert floor is in bloom – the ruby flowers act like gemstones, the light reflecting and refracting into a delightful glow. Warm temps and even warmer rubies to welcome in Spring…

  4. Tender and beautiful poem and image. Nicely written.

  5. gorgeous lanterns!

  6. Another desert delectable!

  7. very important
    for the night is dark
    and full of terrors


  8. They are so beautiful.

  9. don’t know whta I love more: the photo or tha haiku!

  10. Very nice. Pretty flower and pretty poetry.

  11. perfect meshing of spring equinox – ‘keeping the darkness at bay’ – and desert blooming

  12. Look for A Lovely Thing

    I love how the desert is a constant contributor to your work. As you may know, I am in the high desert region and so this is always a treat to discover new beauty that I may have not yet noticed. I can’t wait to see if you come up with something for Lord’s Candle (yucca) that blooms in may. They are a sight to see.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      High desert? San Bernardino County? (You don’t have to divulge, if you don’t want to.) The only yucca that I’ll have access to will be in the Anza-Borrego Desert (part of the lower Mojave Desert), which I travel through frequently—and, of course, I always have my camera with me. In the area of the Sonoran Desert where I live, yucca has yet to make its presence known!

  13. Nice pics, MMT. They give life to the desert


  14. aloha MMT – i like your comparison between these opening blossoms and a lantern. very cool. aloha.

  15. Your words as usual, beautifully woven 🙂 What wonderful imagery in your lines and that wonderful picture of nature’s lanterns stole my heart!

  16. Amazing to think of such a delicate blossom surviving in that climate.

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