Dandelion photo NorAZMay2012200.jpg
Dandelion, Northern Arizona

the dandelion’s


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Carpe Diem: “Dandelion”
More Haiku Heights: “Fortitude”

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  1. Ha! Love the brilliance in this ku! A magnitude of meaning in such few words!

  2. Beautiful picture as always and the haiku brillaint. The 3/5/3 distills so much.

  3. Love dandelions ~ but great haiku how dismaying is the fortitude of dandelions ~ Enjoy ^_^

  4. they are certainly stalwart – gotta pick your battles, so I leave mine alone….

  5. Nice written haiku, so less words painting such a big picture. Thank you.

  6. They are stubborn though. Agree with the others…such a thought provoking haiku.

  7. Unless you want to make wine!

  8. Oh, that image seems almost 3D on my screen!
    Who says the Dandelion’s a weed?

  9. Fortitude indeed. Brilliant combination of prompts-

  10. Look for A Lovely Thing

    Love the brevity of this one. Yes, dismaying.

  11. weeds and bad habits
    always sprout up unbidden
    virtue takes hard work


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