Sundown Fence

Sundown fence photo SonoranMar20134799a_zpsc4d4fe54.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Someone tell the barbs
not to scar the tender sky—
each star needs a home.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very striking–the barbed wire against the sky.

  2. Really gorgeous shot…love the perspective!

  3. loved the angle
    happy Skywatch Friday

  4. Nice unusual angle to shoot. Like the composition and the way the fence sits before the sky. Well done.

  5. love the line of barbed wire drawing me in!

  6. Laura Bloomsbury

    how do you keep coming up with these wonderful and poetic notations?

  7. the barbs are stars in their own way, aren’t they? ♥

  8. Really like this one – nice work.

  9. Gorgeous shot. Happy Easter and Happy sky watching.

    Inviting you to see my sky and hope you’d also join us at Orange You Glad.

  10. Much prefer an unscarred sky….don’t fence me in

  11. Nice shot n words to match

  12. I like the perspective of this shot!

  13. Do you lie on the ground often? It would appear so from your photos. Do barbs listen, I wonder?

  14. tender and gorgeous.

  15. …each needs a home ~ lovely line ~ something about barbed wires fences in your posts ~ beautiful haiku ~ ^_^

  16. great piece of heaven! thanx 🙂

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