They left her alone
to argue with the four winds—
her petulant tongue.
~~ ~~ ~~
They left her alone
to lick her wounds and ponder
an avenging move.
~~ ~~ ~~
They left her alone,
but saw her squint at the sun
as though she could see.
~~ ~~ ~~
They left her alone,
her mind no longer active—
a wilting iris.
~~ ~~ ~~
They left her alone,
her body a wizened shell
dissolving to dust.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I said last Friday that I’d probably think of you on Wednesday when I post my ‘desert collage’… and look, I did 😉
    You can find the collage on my blog today:
    See you Friday at Haiku my Heart!

  2. I think the wilting mind is the biggest loss..through j’s eyes at least..that leaves most alone..tenderly written..

  3. this series broke my heart. I could feel the isolation and loss.

  4. You poem vividly describes the loneliness and abandonment so many experience. Definitely a moving, tender piece.

  5. Excellent segues into each haiku and amazing response to 3 prompts so eloquently!

  6. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Intriguing and engaging.

  7. I feel sorry for her though, being left so alone.

  8. I think she represents all of us and our lives.

  9. I love this one; sharp, witty. funny. 😉

  10. Do you not see this scene all over in the hot scorching deserts? Leaves behind a fossilized life!! So well constructed that you can see it in varying ways from different angles!!

  11. I have seen this so often, in my work with the elderly. It is so sad.As if they are not still people, with hearts and feelings. Heartbreaking. It once took me an entire year to win the heart of one of these angry hurting old women – and when she finally smiled at me, it was worth the whole world.

  12. Sad indeed…loneliness.

  13. So sad when someone’s life comes to this kind of end.

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