Dandelion photo SoCalMarch2013177a_zps9104731b.jpg
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Southern California

Lion in the grass,
because the shadows know you,
they cower in fear.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. WOW – this is excellent. Just love it!

  2. Aaah, can’t wait to see them here too!!!!

  3. Adoro as cores…linda imagem. Um abraço!

  4. What a lovely shadow shot for the day and a beautiful flower to start my day!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. ahhh…spring has sprung. little droplets of sunny goodness dot the landscape.

  6. The roots of the lion are not as innocuous as the smiling flower of the lion. An important difference in the water starved desert…

  7. Catherine, Riviera

    a very beautiful image…

  8. It is a bit early for dandelions here yet but then spring is late

  9. oh I love the lonely dandelion…the bees first spring dining

  10. Outstanding and outshining!!

  11. Ah, picture is so spite of the shadows you write about…MMT.. very nice haiku..


  12. tooth of lion, hmm…I guess the individual blades of the flower (weed) do resemble teeth!

  13. I like the middle line.

  14. Sign of awaited Spring time.

    Beautiful shot.

    Happy SSS2.
    /CC girl

  15. not so very scary to me, but I try to walk in the light….

  16. Love the personification! Brings a visual close to a soulful feeling! Beautiful photo!

  17. A very “dandy lion” – nicely done.

  18. What a “dandy lion” picture, Loved the way you personify it in your words.
    Dropping by from Haiku Heights

  19. You are doing those zodiac prompts in spite of yourself, aren’t you! And without a single astrological reference! Nice!

    Love Letter

  20. Now, that’s a dandy lion! Argh, argh! We have them all over our lawn now. I remember when my son was a toddler, he’d pick those and present them to me as a gift. Sigh…now, he just growls like a lion at me half the time.

  21. This is inspired…a lovely one!

  22. I love the way how you’ve combined an earlier prompt (Dandelion) with this Lion prompt and what an awesome photo you share here with us.

  23. well written ~ love the twist you used of ‘lion’ ~ Happy Day ^_^

  24. silly shadows
    only a fussy lawnster
    fears dandy lions


  25. not you, mystic
    it’s only your shadow who
    fears the lawn lion


  26. We cower in fear too when the dandelions come. They come by the millions here, and mowing them into submission is a full time job for about a month.

    Seen close up, though, they are beautiful, as your photo shows.

  27. Yeah, I love dandelions, it must be spring!

  28. hardworkinjudy

    We still await our dandelions; soon maybe. Love your photo and haiku.

  29. hardworkinjudy

    I also await dandelions as the greens are tasty and beneficial to one’s health with more vitamins than spinach.

  30. ‘lion’ works well; made me smile

    much love…

  31. nature’s way, the food chain – we’re all part of it.

  32. I love the title of this post! So far it is still too cold here for them to appear but I suspect it won’t be long until they litter my lawn with their lion faces


  33. Great shadow and haiku!
    Haven’t seen any of those yet!

  34. Beautiful. I love dandelions.

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