Hunter photo HHnew.jpg

Watching the hunter,
a roebuck in his covert
stills his pounding heart.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More The April Heights 2013: “Hunter”

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  1. Oh, wow! A haiku from the perspective of the hunted! This is fabulous!

  2. as rameshji said, i felt myself trying to calm the hearbeat! wonderful haiku!
    When the hunter becomes hunted

  3. Poor creature…..surely would have skipped a few beats too!!

  4. “Stills his pounding heart” Nice line.

  5. Even the hunter has a rush of needs!

  6. Giving the other prospective – I had the image as I read of the frightened deer.

  7. You well describe the terror of the chase.

  8. two hearts pounding
    the hunter and the hunted
    one heart is stilled

  9. A brilliantly described scene !!!

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