Govinda's, Tucson photo 20Nov10Govinda007a_zpsa83f623f.jpg
The koi pool at Govinda’s, Tucson, Arizona

When my teacher breathes,
golden schools of koi appear
in the wilderness.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. quite a teacher there…

  2. I want to meet the teacher….to learn breathing…it will make me alive I am sure..


  3. The school of koi seem to appear so magically !! Very mystical and ethereal!!

  4. Divinity is reflected in your Haiku 🙂 I really liked the inherent meaning.

  5. You have some teacher! 🙂 Well done ,magician, well done!


  6. very nice.


  7. What a picture this gives me. Truly magical.

  8. Awesome breathing exercise! Lovely haiku. 🙂

  9. Bringing some magic into the learning world! Lovely!

  10. If only most teaches had that magical power, lovely tapestry in 3 small lines.

  11. Theses lois are huge unless it is an optical illusion. Great capture. I think they really are BIG! I would;t swap my years of teaching for any other job. 54 years with only a month and a half to go ’til retirement.

  12. Delicious fishy sky!

  13. Love it! I think Koi’s are cool!

  14. Wonderful words and koi fish. I love koi fish as they permit us to touch them.

  15. Interesting! Whole new different view to the concept.

  16. that never happened for me! you really are magical!

  17. This feels deep…like a soul inspiring level. Definitely magical!

  18. The words are breath- taking … awesome !!!

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