Lily photo HHnew.jpg

The widow, cradling
in her arms a lily, keens
for all the living.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More The April Heights 2013: “Lily”

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  1. The dead cannot speak and can do no harm!! Its the living who can be a threat!!

  2. Is it not her responsibility to try and come out of the impeding grief and rise again?
    I would like you to read mine, I have written on ‘the lost’ too.
    Here it is:

  3. Yes this is so true, but then life must go on. The desire should not be held back. We have only one life.

  4. Beautiful haiku! Powerfully sad. 😦

  5. Powerful take on grief. Nicely done.

  6. Well done. Grief cannot be hurried or smoothed over. Lost of a lifelong relationship cuts deep. Thanks for valuing this genuine human experience with your poetry.

  7. This is very touching.

  8. clinging inadvertently to hope; it is a reality

    much love…

  9. Sensitive and moving….keening a wonderful choice of words.

  10. Your poem digs deep into my memories of all the keening widows I have known. There was no comfort to give, only presence.

    God’s Laughing Face

  11. Love it.

  12. Emotions for the reader, not nearly as great as the emotions that are felt by the widower. I have much to learn about writing Haiku it seems when I read your and others. Raw MMT.

  13. Neelam Dadhwal

    Bundling joy of life.

  14. I was somewhat stirred by the spell of this haiku. Very touching, MMT!

  15. I read this last night but returned today. Lots of conversation. I love your word “keening”. New to my vocabulary. Lilies have such a variety of meanings although they mostly seem to go with death for me…movies, books, images. Different cultures; different indoctrination. Beautiful and moving haiku.

  16. I loved the way you used “keen” … you really are a superhero of words !!!

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