Cactus Shade

Barrel cactus photo AnzaBoMar2013173a_zps89616723.jpg
Barrel Cactus (Genus Ferocactus), Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

welcome cactus shade
refreshing weary pilgrims
in the wilderness

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. There is not much reprieve in the desert heat than the shade of the cacti. Although this little bit shade is adequate only for a desert rodent. Perhaps it is best to travel in the cooler evenings…

  2. What a great, prickly shadow shot for the day!! Love the cactus! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Hello Maam,
    Been awhile not seeing you. Wow! that cactus is as tall as me? LoL* Really sharp and crisp shot. Did I heard, “Sunny day?”.

    Happy day,
    /CC girl

  4. love all the different species of cactus. this is a wonderful “warm” shadow shot…i am trying to soak in the warm shots today!!!

  5. yet, don’t get too close to the source of the shade!

  6. oh yeah..any bit of shade you can find I would guess!

  7. The tiny shade is indeed a respite here… May I ask do you venture out and click all these phenomenal pictures?

  8. Must be heartening to find that little black spot in the deserts!!

  9. Wow, nice haiku, the pic is really beautiful

  10. That is one chunky prickly fella! Interesting how his shadow seems to minimise the prickles and he becomes deceivingly smooth!

  11. Scarey shade to cuddle up to. Nice haiku.

  12. I have never seen cactus shade. It is certainly impressive. This is a great shot. genie

  13. Great shadow shot! ^_^

  14. Stunning words and photo!

  15. that’s an impressive cactus!

  16. It seems to me the weary pilgrim will have to hug that cactus to take advantage of the meager shade!
    Slick Yellow

  17. The prickly beauty!

    My Shadow Shots
    Your comment is always appreciated, have a blessed Sunday!

  18. I really like the idea of “cactus shade”. Beautiful haiku! 🙂

  19. That’s what I call made in the shade! Seems like the cactus is screaming out an invite to touch it if you dare!

  20. great shot. It looks hot on that spot. Nice with a little shade. 🙂

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