Ironwood blossom photo SonoranApril20131797a_zps3e72bd2e.jpg
Ironwood (Olneya tesota) in bloom, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Never uprooted,
ancient ironwood still blooms—
sweet desert incense.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Those thorns look like they’d make anyone think twice about uprooting one.

  2. Thorns in protection of the essence of incense This comment box seems to have a mind of its own::::

  3. I chase technology access to make a comment here. Still on borrowed computer. This is lovely. I like the picture and the poem. “desert incense”. Does it smell nice?

  4. Another jaw dropping haiku and stunning photo.

  5. The desert can also provide a healthy environment for the old trees there propagating!! Amazing truths!!

  6. Beautiful haiku and aha it smells good too. Incense flowers, now who wud have thought about it.

  7. The oldest trees seem to have the sweet scent of wisdom about them too! What tales they might tell us!

  8. Wonderful haiku and photo, never heard of this plant before!

  9. let’s hope they are able to always remain

  10. This the beauty of nature and their self-less love !

  11. Your bring out the sweetness of nature so well !!!

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