Farmer's field photo SonoranApril20131698a_zps539d302c.jpg
Soon-to-be-irrigated cropland, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Waiting for the plow,
a fallow field gathers strength
for nourishing seed.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Good one…love that blue sky!

  2. Love the idea here. What does the land say while it awaits the next stirring? What goes on that we can’t see, the chemical reactions, the mixing of moisture and nutrients. Cool thoughts! Nice view through the wire too.


  3. ooooh… how the words find you and flow. You are such a gift and blessing to our internet community, to the world:-)

  4. The thought of that field – and others -gaining strength and nourishment together for their upcoming crops is beautiful and rich. Love it!

  5. possibility
    fallow fields wait
    destiny beckons

  6. Your haiku brings back memories. I used to help my neighbor plow when I was a kid – the old fashioned way, with horses… I wrote a haiku about it once… oh wait, here it is: http://www.maritspaperworld.com/blog/?p=3397 LOVE your fence-photo. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. A bit impatiently maybe.

  8. Hmmm, waiting brings strength. Good message for me today.
    Happy Friday, Wise One !

  9. I can see the field regaining all its strength with the determination to raise those little seeds to maturity!!

  10. may it be fertile ground.

  11. what kind of field? like a good teacher, you have me thinking what else do I want to know?

  12. I feel like I am back in the Wild West. Super shot.

  13. A knock out gorgeous blue sky…and you can tell the land is ready for some irrigation.The fencing is pretty open…interesting. Loved your accompanying haiku. genie

  14. and there is that red thread I find so intriguing…love this post:)

  15. So patience can bestow strength! If it works in humans, I must be strong as an ox!

  16. i’ve been waiting too!

  17. Another wonderful haiku and photo ~ very inspirational!

    You can now comment on my blog without G+

  18. i wish i could gain strength for all my waiting! so sorry for my late arrival. it’s been one of those weeks. thank you for being here as loyal as the sun!

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