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When the zebra sings,
the Southern Cross rejoices
star by twinkling star.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More The April Heights 2013: “Zebra Crossing”

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  1. A very different take on Zebra Crossing….and you went walking..crossed the month long challenge well..MMT



  2. An artist Zebra is born!!
    Actually I have never seen or heard a zebra!! Not even in the zoo here!!

  3. This reads like an ultra short fairy tale. Very nice.

  4. A very different take on the prompt! I wish I could hear a singing zebra sometime!

  5. Wow…we have a singer here! Lovely…

  6. Sounds like you came across something more spiritual than Abbey Road. Your haiku makes me want to shout hallelujah.

  7. I was quite unaware
    that zebras could carry a tune,
    though perhaps it’s only there
    under a warm, desert moon
    that they deign to belt out
    a star-crossed tune.

    Oh my! Perhaps it is best that April is over! I’m going poetry crazy.

  8. Uncanny you should know this. I thought it was a secret!

  9. Nice take on the prompt!

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