Dancing tree photo SonoranApril20133018a_zpsfd55b62a.jpg
Dead palo verde tree, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Palo verde bones,
within you lies a spirit,
bidding you to dance.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Twist and shake – dancing tree!

  2. you live in such a beautiful place! Lovely photo!

  3. Oh, twist and shade indeed!! I do love your dancing tree!!

  4. it looks as tho the two sides are dancing…no? maybe it’s just me…that’s what a see!! lovely shot MMT!!

  5. Dancing in the land of the dead trees…………sounds good to me!

  6. In the desert you can remember you name…

    sorry just an ear-worm that I thought of. Great take

  7. You got that one just right!

  8. I think I see a tree face singing with happiness over his dance. Lovely shadows. genie

  9. Spirit in the dead wood…I love this!

  10. interesting old tree. Love the play of shadows on the trunk.

  11. Bleached by the sun, this tree lived a full life and does appear as a vestige of life long gone – too bad that its shielding sun has disappeared too in this tough Sonoran landscape…

  12. Lovely photo for Shadow Shot and great haiku ~ ^_^

  13. Beautyful post mmt … ah that photo … gorgeous.

  14. How your words make the images come alive…bravo 🙂

    The Emptiness

  15. The tree may be physically dead but the beauty lives on!

  16. I love the way your eyes see and your hands create…

  17. the shadow of draught !

  18. Wonderful old, bare tree. Love the haiku!

  19. there’s life in those bones…

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