Whirling Along

107 photo 107_zpsa8e07b35.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
thunderous applause
rolling across the meadow
crickets know the score
~~ 2 ~~
spit and dirt
Jesus’ home-grown cure
for blindness
~~ 3 ~~
messages from God
sent to my Gmail account
forgot the password
~~ 4 ~~
count the ways
you love me—more than
one I hope
~~ 5 ~~
soup du jour
tomato lovers
shedding tears
~~ 6 ~~
Thousand or seven—
which number is the better
to track tragedies?
~~ 7 ~~
red planet
hurtling through the sky
while I sleep
~~ 8 ~~
dish of honeyed pears
gracing the kitchen table
brandy in a glass
~~ 9 ~~
Front Street empty
until the next shootout
in Dodge City
~~ 10 ~~
dressing the pheasant
for the Thanksgiving table
dreaming of turkey
~~ 11 ~~
Charm the holy One
into telling you only
what you want to hear.
~~ 12 ~~
pulsing with desire
for a romp in the backseat
when she backhands him

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Well, of course, the last one made me laugh. 🙂 Great job once again. Sometimes I loose my password, too.

  2. What a year..i love the message from God that you can’t access..made me smile and think that’s exactly so..

  3. always a treat to read here. I like #11, especially.

  4. Especially like #1!

  5. Delightful and some pure humor too!! Do retrieve the password please as I’m sure you have charmed the holy one by now!! 🙂 I love honeyed pears 😉

  6. Two. The number of passwords irretrievably forgotten in this brain of mine. I enjoyed each one, but that one had me thinking…mmm hmmmm.

  7. lorelei jones

    This sounds really pretty:

    dish of honeyed pears
    gracing the kitchen table
    brandy in a glass

  8. An eclectic mixture this time. I have to agree, that last one really made me laugh.

  9. I’m in love with your honeyed pears and brandy. Maybe next time I’ll try to wordle ku. So lovely but think I’m too green yet. You need to see Wabi’s first wordle.

  10. Very versatile and creative haiku Sunday ~ Wow! ^_^

  11. Love this series of haiku, one for each word. Wonderful small clips.

  12. The crickets made me long for the summers yet to come, and the romp in the back seat made me long (just a wee bit) for summers past) Thank you for the laugh and the warm welcome to Wordling! 🙂

  13. Charm the holy One
    into telling you only
    what you want to hear.

    hahaha, still working on that one. Love them all.

  14. You never fail to delight with your haiku. I must remember that even in the car I mustn’t rush it.

  15. Uh huh! What I expected. Excellence in haiku!

  16. Love 1 and 8, mmt.


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