Whirling Here and There

108 photo 108_zps183eb514.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
Hawk with broken wing,
will you be circling the sun
only in your dreams?
~~ 2 ~~
from her mouth strong words—
a vow to love him always,
binding heart to heart
~~ 3 ~~
Still on moonless nights
she chants space between each star—
planets mouth her song.
~~ 4 ~~
the crook of her arm
protecting her nose and mouth
from his smashing fist
~~ 5 ~~
how the preacher’s drone
takes me to my childhood cave
where the dragons dance

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That last one struck a chord – droning voice sending me off into my imagination – worlds away – until a question I haven’t heard sends me nothing but trouble!

  2. It floated and glided gracefully till the impact of the blast was felt in the fourth haiku!! Well crafted!!

  3. Oh how I love that last one…. it speaks volumes.

  4. 4 gave me a jolt! 5- thank goodness for our imaginations when we need them!

  5. Oooh I do love that last one and see I am adding my voice to a chorus! Bravo 🙂

  6. The first one made me wince and hurt. Each one took me to another separate moment, but the last one made me sigh in satisfaction. Thank you,


  7. I do hope that the couple in # 2 is unrelated to the pair in #4. That would be a pity, wouldn’t it? Womensong

  8. I have a raven circling the sun. Wabi touched on violence too. Except for the fourth one which is so powerful, the other haiku are beautiful.

  9. I really love them all,, they are amazing =)

  10. You and Haiku, a winning combination. Great wit and wisdom.

  11. You have an unusual gift in thrilling the reader with your haiku imagery. It is always a delight to visit.

  12. I like all of them but the preacher droning on and on sure resonates. I can remember sitting in church with my family as a child and pinching the skin on the back of my hand to stifle a yawn. Sometimes it worked. All the haiku were good. The one for fist sure paints a picture. Those days are gone. Thank God. Nice to see you again.

  13. Oooo…I want to dance with dragons too now!

  14. Well done – fourth a shock!

    Anna :o]

  15. So unique! I love that last one.

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