Cross in Clifton photo CliftonMay2013014a_zps3dfab549.jpg
Clifton, Arizona

in the hermit’s cave
fragrant sandalwood incense
smoldering prayers


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Carpe Diem: “Hermit”

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  1. Love the twirl and curl of shadow and shape.

  2. Beautiful; and I almost can smell the incense!

  3. Nice shadows formed there.

  4. Interesting find ~ was that really a cave?

    You do capture unusual slices of life!

    Love the ‘smoldering prayers’

  5. Such mystery in this image-as in, wondering why this cross is there and is there really a graveyard or? So many questions, so few answers!

  6. Pretty patterns, and I love the phrase “smoldering prayers”.

  7. “smoldering prayers”… I like that image. In Hebrew the word Korban means sacrifice (as in a burnt offering) and shares the root of Karev meaning to draw near. So smoldering prayers to me are like an offering of prayer drawing one nearer the Mystery.

  8. I hope his prays don;t leave him incensed 😉

  9. The imagery I see when I read this makes me think instantly of a monk. And now I can’t shake the sensation of smelling incense 🙂

  10. hermit prefers
    to pray and meditate but his
    sandal would wander


  11. perfect shady oasis for those prayers to cool….

  12. in his inner room
    the monk’s burning questions rise
    scented with hope


  13. Feels heavy…that huge pile of incense. Beautifully written.

  14. those prayers seem to be very powerful!

  15. You could wonder who he’s praying to

  16. nicely juxtaposed, haiku and image

    much love…

  17. Great shot ..

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