photo CliftonMay2013222a_zps741671d0.jpg
Clifton, Arizona

Neglected garden—
peering through the sagging gate
an old woman weeps.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Don’t weep.
    Plant a seed.

    Happy Friday !

  2. come over to my garden friend, love is blooming and there is so much to share!

  3. And the gate is bound, as if to say there will be no more gardens here.

  4. The salt from tears may be good for the soul but will not fix the fence.

  5. lots of deep meaning in your haiku and love the photo ~ happy weekend ^_^

  6. Very soulful and I know how she feels ~ it is hard getting older when things we used to do easily become harder and harder.

  7. I can relate to how she feels… Our garden has been sorely neglected over the past five years when I had no strength to tend it… I cried sometimes. This spring, praised be I am able to start to rediscover the secret plants hidden in the tangled weeds… and joy is filling my heart.

  8. I hope she looks up ! When there is no garden to view, the sky can dry my tears!

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