photo YumaMay2013031a_zps4fea6f0a.jpg
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, Yuma, Arizona

In Lady Mary
downtrodden souls find comfort—
devils gnash their teeth.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. gorgeous guadalupe window in yuma, another unexpected gift from the desert.
    may we all find comfort today.

  2. heavenly image of our Lady!

  3. Wonderful, this is one Madonna pic I don’t have so thank you for showing it to me x

  4. Oh I loved the Haiku too x

  5. Those who are pure and confident in their faith, the devil will always flee. The purity of Mary is protective of us…

  6. Beautiful window design! Love the radiating lines round the central figure! Beautiful colours!

  7. The wild things love her too!
    They are just pretending to be fierce!

  8. No fight for the devil but it still wins on many occasions. Nicely MMT!


  9. When only a mother’s comfort will do! <a href=

  10. The radiance of Mary sines on everyone without reserve – like the sun! How they experience such unconditional love, is their choice. i always enjoy visiting here! May you know Mary’s comfort

  11. someone’s jealous.

    Damn my comment is so emo, but that was my first thought!

  12. Great haiku to go with this image!!!

  13. Nice photo of stained glass window….

  14. fabulous picture
    wonderful words


  15. What a beautiful window!

  16. Great 🙂 getting safe from the devil

  17. I missed you. Was loving the desert and the canyons. Have you been to Sedona? I was in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Wrote of Mary in my haiku journey. Yes, felt very safe there. Your beautiful haiku.

  18. A lovely Guadalupe! Wise words.

  19. redondowriter

    Love your window hidden away in Yuma and the haiku, too. I went to Tarun’s haiku link and that was an interesting response, too.

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