photo CliftonMay2013209a_zps8bc0d753.jpg
Wayside flower, Greenlee County, Arizona

how one tiny star
keeps me on the homeward way
lullaby of light

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lullaby of light… such a wonderful way of saying… I though of you last week as both you and I are facing a change in our lives.. somehow I feel a connection. Strange? Well, that’s what sharing haiku does, isn’t it? We become connected in minds too somehow… Big hug from Holland.

  2. Isn’t she beautiful!!! What a wonderful companion on the journey! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. so beautiful!!! amazing how the little things help us remain present even as we travel through life’s multitude of curiosities and upheavals. This would be lovely to share with I Heart Macro tomorrow evening:-)

  4. ~~ lullaby of light ~~
    plum melts my heart ♥
    with simple appreciation

  5. Focusing in on that one light…wonderful.
    Happy Friday !

  6. Great words for the pic.

  7. “Lullaby of light” is the most beautiful use of our language!

  8. Yesterday I picked a flower and carried it with me on my walk. It was good to have conscious contact with the light as I walked.

  9. Oh, “lullaby of light”, love that line.

  10. Gorgeous photo and your haiku is indeed a gem! The stars in Arizona…OMG…the big dipper looked like I could touch it!

  11. take a right at the yellow flower….

  12. redondowriter

    An exquisite star at that and the perfect words to accompany.

  13. Lullaby of light is deep.

  14. Lullaby of light 😉 love that

  15. Thank you my friend for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  16. Lavender Cottage

    Such a pretty golden flower and haiku to complement it.

  17. Beautiful little flower.

  18. “Lullaby of light” I liked that ending. 😀

  19. This is a lullaby I can hum myself to sleep with, MM. The second line of this poem is just beautiful!

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