Old Cat

Fence line photo SoCalMay2013473a_zps104a4432.jpg
Neglected fence at sundown, Temecula, California

Evenings an old cat
settles under the barbed wire
for a little snooze.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The color is excellent. So is the angle you took this shot. I like it.

  2. This old cat has crawled under a many barbwire fences before, but never slept. Had to have my clothes patched tho and get a thrashing by my mom.

  3. What a beautiful glow you have captured. Certainly seems restful!!!

  4. I hope he sleeps well.

  5. That is one smart old cat. Not only does he know how to be a meal for hunting raptors, but he knows were he can take a rest and remain safe in the wide open of the dry land.

  6. The golden hour–or quarter hour–of the day when the setting sun works a little magic as in your photo.

  7. settles VERY carefully!!!
    : )

  8. Well it’s as good a place as any, no one will ‘spike his guns’! x

  9. sounds ouchy if the cat is not careful. ha. ha!!! ( :

  10. why do old cats love
    sleeping under barbed wire
    and on hot tin roofs


  11. Great haiku. Is that a gila monster walking by him a couple feet away?

  12. oh the peace of this…

  13. Wonderful light in this shot, and I expect a rather grand place for a cat nap.

  14. Nice mood to this – peaceful like the cat!

  15. I can visualize the cat enjoying the last bit of warmth on the earth after sunset.

  16. I’ve been reading too many blog posts today to try to catch up…..I thought this said,” for a little booze.” Not your usual style at all! Beautiful light in your photo!

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