Tamarisk blossoms photo SoCalJune2013013a_zps1baa1d26.jpg
Tamarisk blossoms, Temecula, California

tamarisk blossoms
nuzzling the sky with fragrance
first morning prayers

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. “nuzzling the sky with fragrance” So perfectly you.

  2. I would love to be smelling these in the morning!!!

  3. It is all in YOUR perspective that those flowers seem to nuzzle the sky! I love the toad’s eye view you use so many shots. (Or in the desert, perhaps it would be a lizard’s view!) Haiku My Heart Sunny

  4. A fragrance I would like to inhale I’m sure.

  5. Tamarisk has taken over in this part of the world…thank goodness it has such beautiful, fragrant blossoms!

  6. I like that last line.

  7. Beautiful photograph. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  8. I am now wondering how it smells… I have to think of that next time I step into a flowershop and ask if they have these so I can stick my nose into it 😉
    Have a happy, peaceful weekend dear one – hug from Holland!

  9. I have a Tamarisk outside my window as I type, it is one of my favourite garden delights, not quite out yet but just as soon as she ‘nuzzles’ her way another beautiful delight opens beneath her ~ pale pink peonies ~ as you say ~ ‘morning has broken’. x

  10. I love the soft unfocused background,
    like heaven is nearby. ♥♥

  11. what a joyful image! now I too want to inhale the fragrance!

  12. Gorgeous. I don’t know this plant. I wish I did.

  13. Lovely colorful blooming, 🙂

  14. first morning prayers….
    of course you know i love that!

  15. beautiful, how big is the plant?

  16. I’ve never seen these before. Beautiful flowers.

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