Oranges at dusk photo SoCalJune2013213a_zpscc0ddd8e.jpg
Southern California

Oranges ripen
far from the bamboo gardens—
will the dancers come?

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. oh nice and such fine shadows. Have a nice Sunday

  2. Did you pick any of these tempting beauties? Nothing like a fresh orange. I love that orange next to the brilliant blue sky.

  3. Beautiful picture; one of our favorite RV Parks ever (when we traveled in our 5-W all the time) was located in an old orange grove in Bakersfield (not a great city otherwise, but on the way to places). You were welcome to pick as many oranges as you wanted…it was so fun.

    Thank you for hosting SOC

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      You’re absolutely right about Bakersfield—especially in the sizzling heat of summer! 🙂

  4. what a yummy looking delight!

  5. The fruit looks in danger if falling on the ground – where the ants alone can enjoy its juicy insides – if the dancers arrive soon, the humans instead will be able to enjoy the nectar…we hope!

  6. orange blossoms
    the dancers arrive
    at sunset

  7. Ah the missing ingredient…dancers….nice mood

  8. gardenjoy4me

    I can hear the dancers making their way to the oranges .. the oranges that look sweet and juicy : )

  9. lol, that´s a very appealing sight. Can I have one?

  10. And why wouldn’t they come? 🙂Swaying Bamboo

  11. lovely haiku…right now we are eating ripe apricots ! Yum! Have a lovely week.

  12. They’ll come when my emptiness fills… lovely…pretty oranges too.

  13. Wow! I wish that I could grow oranges!

  14. A lovely view of the orange tree and its shadow!

  15. I love this enigma.

    I hope you don’t mind that I built on it to make a tan renga.



  16. julietwilson

    those oranges look delicious! Lovely shadows too


  17. This is just a perfect combination.

    Vit. C, the orange and Vit. D, the sun. LOVE…
    Happy Sunday.

    Hugs from D´Box in Stockholm.
    /CC girl

  18. Love that poem! And the oranges look luscious too.

  19. Who can answer the question? Only the dancers, I suppose…


  20. I can feel the dancers coming… 🙂

  21. Oh, that leaves a beautiful image, MMT! Nicely done…

  22. I came last week for the bamboo..now I’m here for the enigma! I love to dance so…….mystery solved. A dancer was here! Twice! 🙂Mystery

  23. Dancers car reach tem on toes!

  24. Dancers can reach them on toes!

  25. The sad part with enigmas is that we will never know!

  26. Nice Haiku. Oranges look so tempting!!

  27. Lovely juicy haiku and I love oranges!! Those dancers may be loving it too!! Would love to party on those luxuriant trees on my tippy toes!!

  28. I love the sudden appearance of dancers – like spring rain on a hot summer’s day.

  29. Who knows? Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. 🙂 its been a long time since I’ve seen orange trees. I remember the blooming season smelling heavenly. N thanks for visiting my site!

  30. we always have oranges on the costa blanca

  31. Dancers?? Now that is certainly an enigma 🙂

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