Chevalier photo HHnew.jpg

hawk in the bent oak
surveying his dominion—
fearsome chevalier

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Haiku Heights: “Chivalry”

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  1. Bold haiku with a strong image. I enjoyed the natural beauty of this.

  2. from bent oak rocker
    thank heaven for little girls
    maurice chevalier

    Nice take on the prompt!

  3. Your excellent haiku are conforming in every respect!!
    Knight with roving eyes
    Shines his torchlight in the night
    Restless wanderer

  4. His fearsome looks puts fear in the damsels. 🙂 Wonderful take

  5. I thought and thought about this prompt. It was difficult, but you make it look so easy.

  6. New WOTD. Lovely word. Great haiku. Strong image in my mind.

  7. Classic imagery. Very beautiful….

  8. hmm…never pictured an owl in that way!

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