Rice Planters

 photo StThomasMissionJune2013046a_zps2349acfa.jpg
St. Thomas Indian Mission, Winterhaven, California

Needing no lamplight,
rice planters steal forth at dawn,
bearing tender shoots.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. A perfect blue sky, great composition for the theme!

  2. Nice haiku, beautiful lamp!

  3. the stems providing another kind of light…

  4. Interesting take….

  5. A very beautiful picture created.. A very well-crafted haiku.

  6. Very beautiful photo!

  7. what an interesting prompt ‘rice planting’! rice planting must be hard work.

  8. I always enjoy your take on the prompts!! Nice direction!!

    Rice Fields

  9. You have no rice field and they have no lamp, yet you both create things of wonder 😉

    Rice Planting

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