Ironwood seeds photo SonoranJune2013392a_zpse038aa6e.jpg
Ironwood (Olneya tesota) seeds, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

how ripening seeds
ripple with fertility
sing of abundance


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Ah that’s a clever take on the theme x well done!

  2. Great shot. They look like tiny gourds! Your words describe Spring to a Tee!


  3. Your use of the word ‘ripple’ sent a ripple through me this morning! Thank you! Haiku My Heart Raining

  4. Beautiful take on the prompt

  5. fertility rattle in the making! look out!!!

  6. I have never seen seeds like that, awesome! Your haiku is perfect with the photo!

  7. with a little help from the birds and the bees.

  8. I like that rippling with fertility MMT ~ Good use of seeds, strong image ~

  9. Have a nice Friday

    much love…

  10. Wow! Love! Those seed pods awesome.
    Would love to find some for art projects.
    As always perfect haiku for this.

  11. scrolled down and saw these amazing seed pods, just beautiful!!

  12. Just waiting for the right tme to scatter!

  13. I love your slant on seeds! such a stunning macro too!

  14. Ripening seeds with fertility thrown in, sure thing! Enhancing the lineage even plants know how to survive. Nicely MMT!


  15. Very sweet . Brings life and hope.

  16. Seeds of hope…yea! How beautiful..

  17. Second line speaks loads.


  18. They look like sweet potatoes (difference they grow underground). This state boasts of abundance!!

  19. Abundant with images. Rippling ripe, Good job.

  20. Love that image!
    Superb interpretation of ripples 🙂

  21. “Ripple with fertility” well written (

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