Sunset at the palms photo SonoranJune20131783a_zpsc08bdd80.jpg
Southern Arizona

just before sundown
a lull in conversation—
crickets fill the gaps

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Superb…very nice haiku

  2. Oh I wish I had written this! It is just perfect! Evening Lull

  3. Three of us so far chose sundown as the lull time. It goes together. Great photo and haiku.

  4. I can hear them! Perfect.

  5. Count on the crickets! They just don’t know when to be quiet.

    Evening Lull

  6. Wow! Whole new type of photography ~ very beautiful ~ Happy Day to You ~ ^_^

  7. Lovely skies and gorgeous reflection on the water!! Terrific capture for the day!!

  8. Great silhouette.

  9. This is one of my favorites that you have written. i love listening to crickets.

  10. A sense of Lull is really there, so peaceful and serene.

  11. Yes, I have been in that moment many times – thank you!

    I’ve visited the desert today too Yuunagi Uluru

  12. Love the crickets filling in the gaps. brilliant!

  13. Really an Evening Lull MMT. Great haiku, a little gem.

  14. Nice place to watch the sunset, I love this wonderful picture!.

  15. i really love this piece of heaven ♥ thanx!

  16. but during the day (well, right now), a bird in a tree across the street is harping about something or someone! I love the sound of crickets, somehow it’s a sound of safety to me.

  17. Sound of crickets can be so soothing.. but here it’s the birds–

  18. I can feel the quiet descending….I love the sound of crickets – they ‘lull’ me to sleep

  19. Great capture! Happy SKF!

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