Wilderness Gardens Preserve photo SDCountyJune2013200a_zpsc57cbbee.jpg
Nightshade blossom, Wilderness Gardens Preserve, Pala, California

Filling nightshade’s cup
from sky pools along her way,
pilgrim sips the stars.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. such lovely desert sentiments; have a good Friday

    much love…

  2. Wonderful Haiku and what a beautiful plant. I love it! It probably wouldn’t grow over here. Great shot.

  3. A sight for tired eyes to rest and relax with this cup of elixir!! Lovely haiku very refreshing!!

  4. This pilgrim is revived by your haiku and sky pool nectar… thank you so…

  5. One Nightshade cup full of starlight please.

  6. I like writing that makes me ponder…and your photo of the Datura just adds to that!

  7. oh, yes, you never disappoint. I am enamored of your haiku ability! and…stunning flower!

  8. Amazing haiku. J’adore!

  9. …pilgrim sips the stars ~ delightful and divine haiku ~ lovely photo ^_^

  10. Star sipping from a nightshade cup could be risky for her! Haiku My Heart with Golden Stars and Sunflowers

  11. I’m going to see a sky pool in ten weeks! 😉

  12. this beauties glow on full moon nights with their milkwhite secrets.
    sipping stars, stunning image.

  13. Nightshade is beautiful. I’ve never seen one. Is it really as big as the photo seems? It looks like a giant morning glory. Very pretty!

  14. I love the imagery of pilgrims sipping stars… let us do just that tonight!

  15. exquisite, through and through.

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