Temple Precincts


A flabby old priest,
recumbent in the temple,
leers as pilgrims pray.
~~ ~~ ~~
An indignant priest
shoves aside the woman’s gift
with abusive shouts.
~~ ~~ ~~
stench of holiness
rising in clouds of incense—
morning sacrifice

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Good job with the words this week.

  2. rife with feeling. well done.

  3. Hehe!! 🙂 A lot is happening for you today within the temple precincts!!

  4. This was hard to “like” but you definitely made me feel so kudos for that. The last one is so intense.

  5. I don’t like your priests, or their religious practices, but I really do like the trio….

  6. three great images


  7. Not a lot of love for those priests… great imagery I think

  8. powerful images are here suggesting there is more beneath the ritual of goodness.

  9. I like this series of haiku very much MMT.The last is my favorite, a well written spiritual haiku. Thank you for participating and sharing.

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