photo SonoranJune20131021a_zpsc5d6eb7b.jpg
Saguaro cactus, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

driving her deeper
into the wasted places—
untamed affections

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Haunting sense of emotional time spent in a wilderness!

  2. A great sky-composition!
    Wonderful blue sky!

  3. Lovely color in the sky, and a bit desert feeling.

  4. This feels haunting and deep…beautiful writing.

  5. She does love the desert, wildly, doesn’t she? Carpe Diem -Affection

  6. a bit scary and haunting..and lovely

  7. Nice. Untamed affections – makes one wonder.

  8. Great photo for “Himmelsk”!

  9. This has sensual connotations as well. Beautifully done, as always 🙂

  10. Notions of something wild and raucous in the offing MMT! Evokes good imaginings!


  11. I’m not sure whether to blush – but it really feels like I should.

    A Life Of Affection

  12. enigmatic and poignant


  13. WOW! What a wonderful photo. Your haiku fits so well with it.

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