photo SoCalJuly2013270a_zps30a606ec.jpg
Dusk, Southern California

filling the wasteland
with the last remnants of light—
this dusky Champagne

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lovely, peaceful skies and a terrific capture! I always love your composition!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great choice of photo for SWF!

  3. Nice, I can just feel the end of the day coming.

  4. Wonderful composition and landscape.

  5. The dusky tones in this beautiful scene are enchanting! Love the prominance of the post, as if leaning into the beauty or maybe guarding it.

  6. Extraordinary MMT what a great photo and that haiku going along with is just … it leaves in awe.

  7. wonderfully crafted 🙂

  8. Look for A Lovely Thing

    beautiful imagery here. I see that champagne colored dusk. Well done.

  9. Now there is a glass of light I’d love to taste! Beautifully done!After Jane Reichhold

  10. Champagne light! How fabulous.
    JM Illinois

  11. lovely golden landscape. Champagne is capitalized, why? for effect?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      As far as I know, the capital “C” is the way to write Champagne, since real Champagne comes only from the Champagne region of France. All other wine that fizzes is just “bubbly.”

  12. My heart lies deep in the forgotten places of this world, therein lies healing too.

  13. Like this a lot….

  14. Beautiful shot! I love that old wooden post.

  15. Wonderful light–you were here at the right time. And I appreciate the way you set up this shot with the fence post such a strong point of interest in the foreground.

  16. Love the colors. Wonderful

  17. Beautiful shot. Nice perspective, too!

  18. beautiful golden hour…

  19. As always, it is a pleasure to view the great sights you share.

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