Clothespins photo SoCalJuly2013576a_zpsf2893f1c.jpg
Clothesline at an abandoned homestead, Southern California

Desolate clothespins—
why did the washerwoman
leave so suddenly?
~~ ~~ ~~
waiting for white shirts
or perhaps a red apron—
the empty clothesline

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Something sacred about clothes hanging on the line. It connects us to all of the old ones who did this necessary work of love.

  2. This has a poignancy to it, MMT

  3. Awesome photo and haiku. I used to collect images of clothespins on a laundry line. Still don’t know what it meant but it wasn’t good. Am able to see the beauty in your photo so yay for that being behind me!

  4. Delightful haiku about sacred ordinary things of life ~ Great photo! ~ Happy Weekend and thanks for ‘visiting’. ^_^

  5. I can smell that fresh, crisp air… all the way over here…

  6. You added some beautiful color to your clothes line with the red apron in your haiku.

  7. I remember those wooden clothespins; wonder if they are still made and sold nowadays.

  8. I can feel the loneliness of the clothesline in this haiku! Love the second stanza, the most!

  9. I LOVE that clothespin photo. There is something haunting about it. It tells a story….or many stories. A good prompt. Can you imagine the fingers that held them, the thoughts that went through the mind of the person hanging clothes, how many people, how many times, how many thoughts, how many stories to be told. Just in your simple photo, I can imagine smiles and tears, love and worry, hunger and plenty, rain and wind. Awesome haiku also.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Thank you for your perfectly wonderful comment! There ARE stories to be told about the clothespins, aren’t there—something more than one or two haiku can express. I think I’ll see what happens with a longer poem. Thanks so much for the idea!

  10. My clothesline looks as desolate as this one here 😀 as it is monsoon time we have to put clothes to dry indoors!! Besides a lot of plastic clips I do possess a few of these wooden pegs!! 😉

  11. So now that you’ve raised our curiosity about this washerwoman, you will just have to write that longer poem! I’m looking forward to it!Curious

  12. photo has a sense of the ‘dust bowl’ in the midwest,….
    I am personally very curious about most everything, as I believe you are, as you are always asking questions!

  13. Enigmatic! Haunting! Almost mystical! An image beautifully enhanced by your poetry!

  14. Awesome photo MMT, I like the closu-up of the clothespins and that set of haiku going along with it … wonderfully done.

  15. The abandoned clothespins would probably have some stories to tell; your haiku has helped them along.

  16. Great photo, and those clothespins could really tell a story with curiousity and fantasy.

  17. I miss hanging clothes on the clothesline, the smell, the delight in being outdoors! In our mobile home park, such things are not allowed. God forbid that lines would cross the horizon.

  18. and a reply about wooden clothespins still be made, yes they are! many crafters use them in the creations.

  19. I really like the haiku you’ve written to accompany that great photo.

  20. Great photo and thoughts – if slightly eerie!

  21. weathered clothes pins .. interesting photo … I still put my laundry outside to dry, just love the fresh air smell and the fact it doesn’t cost money like it does to run the clothes dryer

  22. I love it when a haiku tells a story like this.

  23. This is one of those images that tells a whole story with questions… why, where, how, when…


  24. Gosh, those pegs bring back childhood memories.

  25. what a great perspective through the pins… and your double haiku draws us into you pondering well… sorry it took me a while to stop by to visit, the kids and I have been traveling from Sunday morning until late this afternoon. Thank you for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  26. Wonderful, creative work!

  27. i LOVE this haiku for the honoring sacred ordinary!

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