Pine cones photo SoCalJuly2013246a_zps4e02de7f.jpg
Southern California

Someone hung these flags
to announce 10,000 joys—
temple of the pines.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What a fine idea! We are surrounded by pines on the Hills. I will tell them what you wrote.

  2. The pines are wonderful as they sit on this arid hillside. I like temple of the pines – would cathedral of conifers work as a descriptor too?

  3. A wonderful temple of the pines and terrific shadow shot as always!! Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. The best temple to worship in!

  5. I love pine trees, a pine forest is one of my favorite places in the world.

  6. Blogs could use a “like” button on each comment. I love what has been said already. I will remember next conifer I see, and thank it.

  7. Some of my favourite trees are evergreen. I love the look of something being alive during the depths of our winters.

    Thanks for the visit today! I don’t think I’d like to wake up to a dinosaur towering above me either!

  8. So love the magical image created by the last line of the haiku! Lovely photo of the pine cone hanging much like a temple bell!

  9. Look for A Lovely Thing

    What a great way to write a haiku. Love it.

  10. The joy in your surroundings, in your photographs…remember that ♥

  11. Your posts always make me think.

  12. Awesome MMT … a great photo and I do see what you mean to paint with these words.
    If it’s OK then I would like to use this haiku for our next Tan Renga Challenge. Let me know if that’s OK.

  13. This is just awesome.. love the pine forest.. brings me joy.

  14. joy joy joy; have a nice Sunday

    much love…

  15. jeanniemaries

    Yes a “like” button is needed! My head nods to each response!

  16. your thinking is
    always at least on whole step
    beneath the surface


  17. Temple of pines. Cathedral of conifers. I like them both! I do like green eggs and ham! ; )

  18. Jessica Slavin

    ah yes, and they bring me joy too

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