The house burned down photo SoCalJuly2013401a_zps84e9f2c2.jpg
Abandoned homestead, Southern California

forgotten chimney—
where she, aged 5, warmed her hands
on winter mornings

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. A very nostalgic touch to this. Thos old houses that stands always rouse my fantasies

  2. were she to return
    could she make it up the hill
    with her walker


  3. A nice contribution to the sky-theme!

  4. A nostalgic take on Jane’s haiku, very well in the same sense as Jane’s.

  5. Conjures images of long ago, of little girls, and cool mornings. Nice.

  6. amazing find, and wonderful short story in your haiku!

  7. Yes, and a nice reminder that you can’t always go home again in the same way.

  8. Feel like I need to find my creativity. I stayed fairly literal. This feels warm and nostalgic, as Kristjaan said. Wonderful photo!

  9. WoW…this is wonderful…there are so many long forgotten places in Maine…I often wonder about the memories left behind.
    Thank you,

  10. I love ruins, you just know there are so many stories held there.

  11. This makes me wonder if the house was destroyed in one of the terrible fires that regularly pass through California.

  12. Great photo,well done!

  13. I’m imagining her remembering her 5-year-old self every time she walks by those ruins…

    Forgotten Buttons

  14. I eagerly await your posts, wondering “how in hell is she going to work with THIS one?’, but you always do it so well….

  15. Ruins always fascinate me 🙂

  16. Excellent image and text!

  17. Beautiful capture. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

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