Ragged Things

Lake Skinner photo SoCalJuly2013967a_zpsaf768161.jpg
On the shore of Lake Skinner, Winchester, California

summer-blue morning—
the ragged things rejoicing
backlit and burning

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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(The last line of this haiku was shamelessly purloined from Rebecca.)

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  1. Creative and expressive ~ haiku and photo ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  2. Ragged things indeed. Nice one.

  3. Summer mornings are meant for rejoicing!

  4. Ragged thing is sneaking in the glory!! 😀 You just made me love that raggedly thing!!

  5. I like the idea of ragged thugs rejoicing at the blueness of the heavens. Lovely haiku

  6. Blue summer morning delight.

  7. Love how you were inspired by rebecca and took her words home with you.
    Happy Friday to you !

  8. Simply gorgeous haiku. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh there is nothing quite like a summer blue morning…..except perhaps a winter blue morning!!

  10. perfect fit, that shared last line!

  11. Am guessing the raggedy thing survived the fire? Or just a raggedy tree. I’ve seen some. All living things deserve to feel the beauty of a sunny blue-sky day. Beautiful haiku.

  12. Amazing how beautiful light and a blue sky let all landscape features glow with beauty!

  13. And the rhymes are merrily dancing!

  14. Your comment on my blog – about my found poems sometimes bring you joy, and sometimes make you ponder – could be my words, as I feel the same coming to your blog. And indeed – this time I am pondering too…

  15. nice one the ragged in the wind sweep

    much love…

  16. ahh…love the blueness of your haiku and stunning photo, even with the ragged tree!

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