In This World of Lies

117 photo 117_zps06dc764e.jpg

Those without a conscience keep telling us that they
Will never make a mistake, and that we should trust them—
After all, they say, what are friends for?

It’s all right if you have to use Google Translate
To understand their doublespeak.
It’s all right if you get sick of hearing their words.

Let the hungry children keep whimpering for milk.
Let food stamps go the way of the penny postcard.
Let the old ones faint and stumble in the streets.

It’s all right if you detect sarcasm in these words.
(Every poem’s a lab for righteousness and truth.)
It’s all right if you must rest to catch a second wind.

In this world of lies, intricately woven,
It is enough to leave a little note of love on a pillow;
It is enough to walk together, and not alone.


© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on July 14, 2013, in poetry, The Sunday Whirl and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. Every word the truth!

  2. But I’ll never tire of reading your words! Lovely poem

  3. For all the truth in this and there will be many that will nod an agree, why is it that we still know there is something wrong in the world that needs to put right but it just never is. Must we forever cry in the wilderness?

  4. This is like a guide post for the weary, ensuring strength and reviving their hopes!! The words in the last line are words to live by!!

  5. This protest song should be shouted out world round. Your sarcasm is spot on, and your words echo stirrings in me. Wonderful work. You did the words proud!

  6. So much truth. Recently read a joke asking why there isn’t a font for sarcasm. When it is used as well as it is here, it needs no embellishments. Thank you,


  7. I totally agree with you here, mmt.


  8. This is quite amazing! Every word zings and rings with truth and frustrated passion!! Kudos, MMT! The Gospel According to a Labrador Retriever

  9. Spot on. Another great write.

  10. Your use of repetition in this poem works really well to drive home the point. Nicely written.

  11. Totally sensible and acceptable, MMT! Just can’t understand why they resort to lies!. Brilliant!


  12. We share the same mindset of the world. The little that is good we do have to hang onto…and each other. Sometimes good things happen. Injustice so rampant…

  13. What!! No haiku 😉 However, I was blown away by this brilliant poem instead.

  14. Beautifully rendered…..I read it twice…

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