photo RuinsRiver7Mo13183a_zpsfa80ac93.jpg
Aztec Ruins, Aztec, New Mexico

Mystical murmurs—
within the holy precincts
ancestors still pray.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. that is mystical… nice!

  2. Great composition in this striking shot

  3. The photo takes my breath away…and then your words do the same.

  4. This goes back to a day where walls were stout and impenetrable. However, the roofs were not built to the same standard…however, these walls are outstanding, well trimmed and holding together without mortar. So the spirits have a home to return to…

  5. A very old appearing place to rest and reflect on what life has to offer.

  6. Great contrast of ragged and smooth shadow shape! The close walls suggest some secrecy!

  7. Mystical murmurs—
    within the holy precincts
    ancestors still pray

    This is such a gorgeous haiku. I like the word choice and the imagery you paint here with your words. I once visited an old little chapel, somewhere in the southeast of my country and in that little chapel I sat down to listen to what this chapel would tell me … it was telling me a lot and it seemed that I could hear the prayers of my ancestors … it was a wonderful, almost holy and mystical experience. Thank you for bringing back that nice memory to me.

  8. I like this. I feel like you can often feel the residue of past prayers in sacred spaces. Lovely!

  9. May we live the lives our ancestors prayed for.

  10. MMM Teacher, it is just me again. I would like you to tell Gemma how much I appreciate her fixing my link this week. I attempted to leave her a comment and thank her, but my security will not let me do so. Strange.

  11. I wish for the mystic feeling portrayed here. great job!

  12. Isn’t that the truth? One can always feel the energy past of the ancient when upon their ground. Looks like you were ‘in my neck of the woods’!

  13. Beautiful. And to your comment to mine, it is inspired by silent worship I attended. 🙂

  14. I really like how your verses expresses this shadow shot.

  15. And it’s a good thing they do! As I look around I suspect there is very little praying going on in the world today!

  16. Happy Blue Monday! Beautiful photo, and such a lovely spot for some quiet time 🙂

  17. Great composition – love the angles and textures. Would love to go there too!

  18. Tthanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  19. Lovely sky and wall is awesome and as always your wonderful haiku ^_^

  20. Very spiritual- love the term holy precincts.

  21. Beautiful entry, you captured it well

    I’m inviting you to also link up with us for Travel Photo Mondays today, come join us.

  22. Great take on the prompt

  23. This is great to see.

  24. such a stunning shot MMT!! love the patch of blue sky!! the texture and shadows are yummy!!

  25. Meget specielt flot gammel ruin 🙂

  26. Beautiful skies and such a wonderful and fascinating place!! Wish I could return for another visit some day! Terrific capture for the day!!

  27. I love the stone and lovely sky.

  28. Makes me think about the people who lived and worked there before it was ruins — all those years and years and years ago and they were looking at the same blue sky!

  29. Very good photo for SWF!

  30. Great photo.
    Agree, kind of mystic feeling…

  31. Like some old stone maze marking out yesterdays.

  32. Wonderful view, feeling and poetry.

  33. great composition and light in your shot. 🙂

  34. I love “…holy precincts.”

  35. Interesting compositional shot with shadows! Please note new email.

  36. I dream of going there some day!

  37. such wonderful stories these walls can tell . . .

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