A Wee Foursome

118 photo 118_zps903b31b8.jpg

(I’m on the road this week, so this wee foursome is all I can manage from the motel room before checkout time this morning.)

ten thousand ripples
making room for night’s longing—
moon in the frog pond
~~ ~~
driven by the wind
temple bells tear time into
ten thousand pieces
~~ ~~
In ten thousand stars
lies no key to happiness—
seek the old slate roof.
~~ ~~
become the stitches—
ten thousand of them or more—
that repair torn mesh

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. ten (thousand) out of ten (thousand) for this…

  2. Nice Senru’s, & haiku’s clever use of ten thousand!

  3. Ten thousand stitches has me sitting up and cheering.

  4. Wow…you just manifested 10,000 smiles for sure 🙂

  5. mmt, the first one is delightful. Nice use of the words.


  6. I am constantly amazed to see where the words in the Sunday Whirl take you! Always an adventure!

  7. Really like the repeat of the ten thousand that stitch these diverse pieces together. Especially liked the first one, yet each one has something that calls the reader to still and listen.


  8. It is always a blessing to arrive here late for haiku my heart…
    so many new poems to feast upon. My gosh, you are so GOOD!

  9. I second Stan Ski!! There are no more words left to describe these beauties!! Applause!!

  10. The 2nd one! Fantastic!

  11. One of these days – I am going to do a wordle. Nice job as usual! 😀

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