photo RuinsRiver7Mo13522a_zpscc6593cc.jpg
Animas River, Aztec, New Mexico

how a riversong
cheers the weary pilgrim’s heart
as she journeys on

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. beautiful… I love the idea of “river song” I can imagine the sound accompanying the pilgrim.

  2. And a beautiful song it is. 🙂

  3. I love the Animas…your haiku speaks the truth about the joy it brings on so many levels!

  4. Water is life.
    Vibrant and calm at once.
    Beautiful poem. ♥♥

  5. i lean into your poem
    to see the life within
    to hear the song around
    to feel the message above
    i journey on …

  6. Roll on gentle river, gliding upon this earth with grace, its crystal beauty awesome as we pass along its way!!

  7. Soothing music for our journey.

  8. The song of a river is music to all ears; human, animal, bird. It is life. This is beautiful.

  9. a song I’d like to capture audibly, especially when my neck tenses!

  10. let’s put a kayak in the river…

  11. We are connected with our river songs i believe! Beautiful piece!

  12. Wonderful photo and love the haiku words ~ a river is a lovely analogy of life ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  13. I like how you framed the scene with the trees. The river looks very peaceful.

  14. Yes, I love the sound of the river song. Lovely haiku

  15. enchanting; i like the use of that exclamatory form ‘how’

    much love…

  16. Oh, I love that. Reminds me of home on the Wabash.

  17. Hi! Nice capture. The sky is very beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  18. i love that song too!

  19. A river song is unpolluted.

  20. Right. There’s something about bodies of water, that are so relaxing. I like your blue sky too; thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  21. Still waters never run dry. Nice sight.

  22. The blue sky is celestial. Your poem makes me think of the song I listen to frequently, Wade in the Water. We need to get into the water deeper.

  23. Soothing and beautiful. 🙂

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