Silk flower photo SonoranJuly2013389a_zpsdc91129c.jpg
Stray silk flower, wedged under a fence, Southern Arizona

how a barren place
brings forth a comely blossom

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very curious if that is in the desert? As for my RTT it is a collaged photo destined to look like a painting printed on a very large size canvas!

  2. Beautiful blossom under the fence. I like it!

  3. Yes, that flower is very attractive!

  4. Some don’t like silk flowers but I do. That is a great find and great capture.


  5. Mind wondering what story it has to tell…how it came to be at that fence in the desert. Beautiful haiku.

  6. I ask myself that question many times in a day(and not just about plastic flowers) So mush depth to your writing!!

  7. someone was moving and dropped it… 😀

  8. Love your find of the silk flower (a miracle) and lovely haiku and everything comes from ‘nothing’ place. Enjoy the week ^_^

  9. I always thought the beauty that survived in the desert was a daily miracle
    a find indeed

  10. Good silk flowers are lovely! I have several arrangements in my home, but have to wonder how that one came to be in the desert! Do you think it was blown there?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      There’s a cemetery nearby. Silk flower arrangements frequently become disarranged because of the desert winds!

  11. windblown as far as it could go., 🙂

  12. Lovely burst of colour in what may be regarded as barren.

  13. Beautiful photo. Very artistic.

  14. at 1st – if you look quickly i thought it was a real bloom … ( :

  15. Good eye…very nice shot!

  16. You have a talent for finding the best sights ever. This is great.

  17. It sure brightens the desert.

  18. As in other circumstances there being a silver lining in an adverse situation. Nicely MMT!


  19. What a wonderful place to find a delicate blossom like this.

  20. Cool Pic!That is a miracle blossom.

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