Lady of the Water Stash

 photo AnzaBoMay2013348a_zps2f70f2ba.jpg
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

“After we crossed the border, there was nothing,” the abuela tells her grandchildren, “just the desert, empty canteens, and the Great Thirst. Mama urged us on, saying that Papa was waiting in Phoenix. I didn’t care. My tongue swelled, my lips cracked and bled, I couldn’t sing—and you know how I love to sing. On the third songless, waterless morning, I saw something blue in the distance. Pensé que estaba soñando. I thought I was dreaming. Could it be Our Lady? I knew she often dressed in blue. As we drew nearer, I saw that it was a container, and on the side, a sign: Agua para Emergencias. I was sure that Our Lady had provided it, so I promised her that for the rest of my life I would sing this little song:

My springs are in you,
Lady of the Water Stash,
quenching all my thirst.”
~~ ~~ ~~
sapphire-blue barrel—
a cup of tepid water
keeping dreams alive

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. ! The perfect post !

    And now that I have moved to the desert it speaks to me even more.

  2. Beautifully done, MMT. Very spiritual 🙂

  3. wonderful story woven around this emergency oasis!

  4. Wonderful post ~ very creative haiku and story ~ thanks, carol, xo

  5. A sweet tale of faith and perseverance.
    Wonderful !
    Happy Friday !

  6. I am so comforted that these water “stations” exist in the desert. No matter how one feels about immigration rules and reforms, suffering and death should not be a part of it!
    Thank you for this post!!!

  7. i hope you know how deeply this resounds in my heart.
    the offering of water, the gift of hope.

  8. wraps around my heart… beautiful!

  9. Our Lady comes to the thirsty in water.

  10. This both made me cry and sing for joy…

  11. I am quenched
    just to be here
    thank you

  12. Nice reminder of the good in the world.

  13. I agree with Deb! Thank you.

  14. Wonderful story… I want to read more!

  15. An unexpected story! What a treat!
    I hope there are more♥

  16. A sapphire reminder that there would be nothing without water.9

  17. wow – that is powerful


  18. Powerful, touching post! Brought tears…

  19. Wow, powerful, and I am so glad someone is putting those barrels out!

  20. Wow MMT what a wonderful story and so nicely ‘re-written’ in your haiku. Lovely read. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Ah, a short story covered in blue. Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  22. A very touching post! Lovely!

  23. You have the best and most touching of post ever. A great pleasure visiting.

  24. Lovely. Was this for Morning With Mary too? I missed it this week.

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