photo SonoranAug2013785a_zps325b655f.jpg
Saguaro cactus, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

I long for mystery, holiness and silence. Old Saguaro Woman offers to satisfy my longings. Not having seen her for several weeks, I strike out in her direction, while a few stars still dot the sky, hoping to avoid the worst of the desert heat. When I arrive at her courtyard, I am dismayed to find that someone has parked a fifth-wheel trailer, its generator roaring, nearby. As I strain to hear what Old Saguaro Woman might be murmuring, the camper owner flings open his door. Ignoring the wise and ancient voices of the desert, he laps up the mindless chatter of the morning news. I distance myself from the camper and its blaring TV, but across the wide-open spaces, sound carries easily. Even a half-mile away, I hear a reporter breathlessly describing the latest disaster in Egypt.

desolate places
longing for I know not what
a new way opens

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. the photograph is so human with that sense of reaching for something beyond reach and your haiku perfects that sense

  2. Breathtaking photo. Yes, it’s difficult when the disastrous world tramples on our peaceful surroundings.

  3. the seeker goes blind
    to mysterious places
    the desert beckons


  4. Silence is so hard to find these days…..one has to constantly flee the noise for a moment or two of peace. I can imagine your frustration at such an early hour! Old Saguaro Woman looks quite serene, however! Beautiful haibun!

  5. I never thought about
    “across the wide-open spaces, sound carries easily. Even a half-mile away, I hear a reporter breathlessly describing the latest disaster in Egypt.”
    I understand the same thing occurs on the water…sound travels forever it seems and disrupts serenity. It makes sense that people will go to great lengths here to guard the silence and serenity…I will be more tolerant and understanding thanks to you.

  6. I often wonder why people bother to go out to places like that only to bring their ‘world’ with them. Staying home would’ve been better. I’m sure as the season begins to turn and the temps cool down, you will have the quiet and solitude with the Woman.

  7. So beautiful. I call them the equivalent of the redwoods – redwood of the dessert.

  8. Thank you for transporting me this morning, so glad you silenced the radio for me! x

  9. longing finds comfort
    in silent welcoming arms
    the kiss of sunrise

  10. Like noise pollution, how many people have been somewhere dark enough to truly see the night sky?

  11. Ah! The desert … deserted but full of the voices from ancient times … awesome mmt.

  12. you
    to the desert
    to the beach

    when i am Alone in My Place
    all questions
    are answered
    by silence
    by a small wave
    lapping on the shore …

    {{ have you ever been up in a glider ??
    the absence of sound
    is Heavenly
    in more ways than one }}

  13. another lovely contemplative haiku ~ thanks, carol, xo

  14. she stands so tall, a beautiful sentinel…

  15. Thanks for the reminder of the thoughtless noise I left behind. All that space makes some people want to fill it with shouting and noise

  16. I have felt this longing for silence in order to hear the whispers of spiritual beings… Our society seems intent on blasting our ears with all their portable gear, loud car radios. And the deafening music that stores seem to think we need as we shop! aie!

  17. Lovely haibun.. love the concept of old saguaro woman.. this was a great read, and so sad that your early morning bliss was distroyed like that

  18. I hate being somewhere spectacularly beautiful and external voices/noices interfere. I have an issue with noise as it is. But I too would wander to find solace. My first resort is my beautiful playlists on my iphone.

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