photo SonoranMay20132066a_zpse056f3d9.jpg
Sunflower in irrigated alfalfa field, Southern Arizona

how a sunflower
can weave its golden magic
in a field of green

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. the color yellow
    epitome of the magic
    in a field so green

  2. Yes, those colours are so evocative. Amazing perspective in this photo you have taken.

  3. Formal gardens are lovely but wild flowers are magic!!

    crack in the sidewalk -space enough for dandelion magic

  4. wonderful


  5. Beautiful haiku and photo ~ thanks, carol, xo

  6. I love a field of sunflower. A beautiful haiku and picture

  7. Awesome photo MMT … very colorful and the haiku going along with it is just wonderful, a little gem.

  8. I love this. In Minnesota they grow wild. I went to grad school there, and I miss the sunflowers!

  9. How true! Love when a wild stray sunflower pops up in a field.

  10. What a lovely image your words create. The view in the photo is amplified by them.

  11. Very beautiful sunflower!

  12. Truly magical! I love sunflowers.

  13. One of the best wildflower pic I’ve seen in ages. Kudos!

  14. You captured this sunflower so nicely.

  15. Nice composition, blue and yellow!

  16. Gorgeous blue skies, a beautiful sunflower, lovely words and terrific composition! Doesn’t get any better!! Have a great weekend!!

  17. Love the leaning perspective of tjhe sunflower as if willing to reach the sun. Gorgeous photo.

  18. As much as I love your picture, I love your haiku more.

  19. Love seeing all the different variety of sunflowers in bloom this time of year!

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