photo SonoranJuly2013043a_zpsb69fc92e.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

wilderness twilight—
even tiny broken things
are murmuring truth

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Especially tiny broken things!

  2. Yes, that photo tells many truths. Wonderful words woven here. Good stuff.


  3. Photo portrays it all ~ with your lovely haiku ~ thanks, carol, xo

  4. it’s a gift…to find beauty in the light


  5. Oh, yes – each item carries a story. Beautifully put…

  6. Don’t know exactly why but both the pic and words sunk deep into my heart. Thanks.

  7. Yes I can see truth in the light of the broken glass.

  8. the truth of people who care not for our Earth?
    your haiku speaks volumes

  9. The very things that we often overlook are the things that can enlighten us.

    My Lady Wisdom

  10. Broken is a favorite word of mine.
    And you have taken an amazing photo
    and illustrated it
    with perfectly chosen words.
    the broken are telling the truth
    to broken ears
    and rusty hearts.

  11. There is a place on our west coast where it once was a dumping ground for the town above the pacific ocean. All those jagged bits and pieces of glass have all been now worn smooth and the entire beach is made of glass. It is beautiful beyond belief. Amazing how something that is garbage, left without a care to others and the environment, could transform into something so rare and beautiful… like your haiku and photo.

  12. listening; that’s important; have a nice Saturday

    much love…

  13. your murmured truth has made my heart swelled with joy
    thank you for your kind words at my haiku blog spot today

  14. thank you for visiting Renku Saturday at Lunch Break, i pinned your haiku to the sequence with a hyperlink

    much love…

  15. We all belong, especially the broken….x

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