One-Word Whirl

 photo 123_zpsa3db3f45.jpg

the geese will tell you
if weather is on the way
fierce and unadorned

Text © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Just as well, one word is enough! Nicely MMT!


  2. I kno w you will come out with eleven more..ha, ha..MMT…I am waiting to read..


    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Don’t hold your breath, Ramesh. Exhaustion from the classroom will keep me to one word this week: “fierce.” Glad you enjoyed the read!

  3. The birds always know! Happy Sunday to you, MMT!

  4. Amen for the natural word. More accurate than any expensive and fancy weather radar. Good one.

  5. Perhaps I might dare to do that one week. The geese are cackling enough who needs more!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Always listen to the cackling geese, I say! 😉 (Actually, it was not so much my daring to use only one word as it was my body saying, “Will you please pay attention to your weariness?”)

  6. Oh my – what a shock – truly to find this one fine haiku standing proudly “fierce and unadorned” and somehow like a jewel sparkling –

  7. I think this is my favorite!

  8. I like this very much. I’ve been hearing the geese fly low lately

  9. MMT, one word or all of the words, it matters not. This lovely. I hardly ever am capable of using all the words. What is important is that we write.


  10. sheer coincidence; mine is not a ‘one word’ but its does say ‘enough’ ; a happy Sunday to you and fellow wordlers

    much love…

  11. One word, especially when it is the right word, is just perfect. Love this!

  12. one, but nice…waiting for more, please…

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Thank you for your kind comment, but I’m afraid it will be a long wait. Exhaustion finally caught up with me this week. One tiny whirl is enough. 😉

  13. Geese ARE fierce; it’s a great way of describing them. And the Wordle is there, every week, like a salad bar… this week, you were simply a picky eater, no? I see above you are tired, though… I can relate. Rest and heal… leave the flying to the geese! Hugs, Amy

  14. Getting the hang of these wordles, I’ve gotten the concept of “all or some of the words”. Never dawned that one word can be so inspiring. Reading back, your haiku are wonderful. Will try to catch up on them, but this one does indeed shine!

  15. Perfection in 3 lines. Love it!

  16. I’m always happy to find so much in so few words. And yes, the geese let you know a lot. Just watch out for what they leave for you to step on!

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