photo OrganPipeAug2013348a_zps0668a14f.jpg
La Virgen de Guadalupe at a wayside shrine, Ajo, Arizona

The faithful draw near,
hoping to learn life’s secrets—
old inn of desire.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Beautiful haiku about ‘secrets’ and elegant photo ~ carol ^_^

  2. Touches of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. old inn of desire…

    unbeatable haiku line! i think i have a lifetime lease there!!

  4. This is lovely. She is everywhere, isn’t she? As it should be.

  5. your phrase ‘old inn of desire’ is so beckoning to me!

  6. interesting piece and haiku!

  7. What a beautiful virgin!

  8. Blessings at the wayside.

  9. Arizona and New Mexico are magical to me because of the sacred statuary you see everywhere. Love your haiku to accompany this wayside shrine Mary.

  10. A wayside shrine…I love how you put that.
    Old inn of desire.
    These are the shrines I long to see, the simple homage.
    I have a book of home altars from Mexico
    that is my point of inspiration for my new piece.
    Thank you for the kismet moment♥♥

  11. Thank you for showing us this beautiful shrine and for the wonderful haiku that adds another wonderful dimension as I view the shrine!

  12. Beautiful image… love the last line of the poem! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro 🙂

  13. Mystic and spiritual… may be in the silence, they will find answers within.

  14. Interesting piece


  15. I look forward to your ‘ Monday Mary’ every week. This week I’m wondering if the faithful don’t wear her out though, with all that desiring! 🙂

  16. She doesn’t half get about a bit that Mary…for a virgin that is. No wonder people want to know her secret 😉

  17. Beautiful sense of sacred light round this lovely image.

  18. Wow! MMT what a wonderful magical take on ‘secrets of life’ really awesome.

  19. ‘old inn of desire’ very true….

  20. Love this for me it speaks to the core of our being.

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