photo SonoranAug20131051a_zpsefa7b576.jpg
Southern Arizona

sizzling sun
under lily pads
frogs cower
~~ ~~ ~~
sizzling desert sun
shoving autumn back ten weeks
the bully pulpit

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. wow…strikingly beautiful. we’ve been have some great sunsets…but this…wow!! Amazing MMT!!!

  2. Amazing. So that’s where the sun has gone. Late summer and early autumn here. Pleasant and cool but winter rains are next.

  3. beautiful colours…..

  4. The sky is ablaze – in colors that mimic a real fire, this one in the heavens. Keep cool!

  5. Beautiful and peaceful

  6. This sizzling sunset is stunning, MMT. I like how your haiku personifies the sun.

  7. Even so, I am reluctant to let it go! What a sumptuous sunset!

  8. your sizzling sun shot makes me swelter! pardon, but please explain your line “the bully pulpit” to me

  9. Good one! In the desert the sun is king. I like it!

  10. Striking sunset colours that burn with passion. And the last line of your haiku has immense punch.

  11. Amazing sunset you captured and beautiful words. We had a very long Indian summer last year. I could live year round in spring or autumn.

  12. especially impressed how aggressive this is. unexpected for the form.

  13. What a stunning photo … an awesome sunset … caught in a wonderful photo and in a masterly haiku. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Your land (and sky) looks to be on fire… like your poem! I fear I would wilt in that environment. How many months a year is it sizzling where you are?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      The sizzle starts in May and runs through September, although by September the nights are cooling down into the 70s and 60s—time to open windows and turn off the AC! By October, it’s heavenly!

  15. Gorgeous shot of the sun!
    Great haiku as well.

  16. looks like u need some rain .

  17. heavenly conflagration! I guess you sort of get used to the heat??

  18. Memorable sunset! Really wonderful haiku set.

  19. brutal desert sun
    will not be mastered by
    the calendar


  20. This is beautiful….MMT…I like the haiku and add an other perspective…Brutal sun helps us with life….


  21. With the monsoon nearing its natural end, the dreaded October heat will soon take over here and then we need to find our own lily pads to cower under!! 🙂

  22. A wonderful sunset.. hope some coolness will come to your place… we have plenty for you otherwise 🙂

  23. Excellent work, I can really feel the action! 🙂

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