photo ioof-cemetery-1-may-2010-093_zpsb110b134.jpg
IOOF Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona

Sweet remembering—
golden chrysanthemums say,
Forever, my love.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Forever. These petals scatter these love letters throughout time and space…

  2. ow, what a lovely and moving one!

  3. once you know the secret of marigolds, your forever is golden!

  4. chrysanthemum shadows…
    in the heat of the dessert
    hope of tomorrows

    much love

  5. Now I will think of chrysanthemums in a whole new wonderful way!!!

  6. Beautiful haiku using chrysanthemum prompt and lovely photo honoring those that passed on ~ carol, xo

  7. ah the language of flowers…

  8. The ‘language of flowers’ is so old fashioned, so Victorian, so romantic! In this case, so poignant but this language was often the beginning of intrigue in other situations!

  9. A simply beautiful and touching piece…

  10. breathtaking haiku accompanied by lovely autumn flowers!

  11. yes somehow I also associate chrysantemums with graveyards

  12. Bittersweet. Mums are beautiful, graveyard or wedding aisle.

  13. Everlasting love caught in a great Chrysanthemum haiku MMT Thank you for sharing.

  14. A funeral last week and a trip the cemetery…it didn’t dawn on me the symbolism.
    Thank you.

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