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On Sunday morning
the old woman eats apples
and toast for breakfast.
In church on Sunday
the old woman hears stories
that disturb her peace.
Sunday afternoon,
guided by seven spirits,
she begins her search.
In a pile of claws
the old woman looks for clues
to the weird stories.
She fondles the claws,
and three of them speak to her
in wise, not rash, words.
“After this Sunday,
you will become an exile,”
the threesome tell her.
“With stone for pillow
and swirling stars for cradle,
you will be content.”
Peering past Sunday,
the old woman smiles to see
the secret revealed.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Spot on!
    btw is it Sunday???

  2. Claws that speak bring me delight.

  3. Perhaps the old woman will just skip Sunday next week?

  4. And I suppose we all must become exiles to discover the old woman’s secret! You’ll never tell, will you? I love how this unfolds…like a delicious Sunday afternoon!!

  5. When she has achieved contentment, would she need anything more?? I would say a wise old woman!! Her daily life reorganized!!

  6. cleverly tied up two prompts… 🙂

  7. VERY VERY nice. I want the story to go on. Perhaps it could be illustrated as a children’s picture book. It IS so very visual.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Wouldn’t children find this story frightening?

      • Yes. Of course. Children love to be frightened. American’s have done a dis-service to kids by making children’s stories so pink and soft and nice.

        I’m been using French children’s books to study French. The French haven’t softened their children’s picture books at all. There are lot’s of witches and shape-shifting monsters that swallow and enslave children.

        I LOVED Grimm’s as a child.

        Still. I’d love it if you’d write this for me in the same format. It’s fascinating.

  8. You are most clever with haiku.

  9. Very well done, MMT! Interesting way to merge two prompts in one!! These witch-stories are engaging…:)

  10. I always enjoy your haiku, mmt.


  11. An illustration is always a good idea – Not too scary,

  12. She’s back… for a second read.. from HH this time. Hmm.. a picture book……yes I can see that. Quite a few of your wordles could become short stories! 🙂

  13. This is unlike anything I’ve read from you. I like the story. It fits into haiku very well as did the wordle words. I think these wordle words inspired you.

  14. Your Haiku stories are amazing 🙂

  15. Very magical, mysterious. The words Brenda offered this week were well-suited to the eerie tone of your poem and you took full advantage.

  16. Very nicely done! I immediately wondered how you would merge both prompts.

  17. This evoked a tension in me that was amazing. I have some ‘fear’ of older people, having been treated inappropriately by grandparents and other folk. Interesting images! Thank you for sharing.

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