Eight Bundles

Carpe Diem.Sept. photo CarpeDiemSept_zpse37e9465.jpg

three days’ sleet and rain
in the sodden barley fields
drooping straw bundles
~~ ~~ ~~
after the harvest
ten thousand bundles of straw
littering the fields
~~ ~~ ~~
Dancing to music,
clowns weave in and out the straw
from broken bundles.
~~ ~~ ~~
how the gods play games,
breaking open the bundles
of rye and oat straw
~~ ~~ ~~
first storm of autumn
ten thousand wheaten bundles
sponging up the rain
~~ ~~ ~~
in mists and shadows
wheat-and-barley-straw bundles
guarding empty fields
~~ ~~ ~~
On a wooden bridge
raiders brush the straw bundles
with blazing torches.
~~ ~~ ~~
Few could remember
the names of the harvesters
who bundled the straw.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Quite variety and versatility with your haiku ~ delightful and well penned ~ carol ^_^

  2. A versatile set indeed. So many images… These straw bundles symbolize so much that the more we write, the more inspired we get.

  3. WOW! MMT … what a treat, so much haiku inspired on our prompt Straw bundles. Great!

  4. What a wonderful journey you’ve gifted us today MMT. Thank you 🙂

  5. I feel a history is being told – Great!

  6. What a fabulous creative outpouring this is!

  7. You were on a roll here-wow!

  8. You were on a roll….a straw bundle as a rolling stone so to speak. “Guarding empty fields” my favorite.

  9. WoW…mid-West USA woman impressed with the roll on hay …sigh, sorry…
    love the variety and meanings. Sensational.

  10. An impressive set indeed. but the enigma in the last one really is a gem

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