Geese photo HHnew.jpg
Carpe Diem.Sept. photo CarpeDiemSept_zpse37e9465.jpg

in the old man’s den
a painting of a white goose
forced to eat cracked corn
~~ ~~ ~~
September morning
goose avoids the fox’s den—
one more day to live
~~ ~~ ~~
in the goose’s dream
a den of thieving ganders
divvying the spoils

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The flow is amazing…
    Lovely compilation!

  2. Loved this goosey-goosey gander tales!! 🙂 ..especially the third one bringing a lot of smiles!! 😀

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      It sounds as though you’re familiar with Mother Goose:

      Goosey goosey gander, Whither shall I wander? Upstairs and downstairs And in my lady’s chamber. There I met an old man Who wouldn’t say his prayers, So I took him by his left leg And threw him down the stairs

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed all three. The last one made me smile – the image of a den of thieving ganders divvying (what a great word) the spoils, was wonderful.

  4. That is an interesting set. I liked the last one particularly.

  5. Nice…MMT! The last one made me rethink of quirky playfulness that I still associate with the best adventure playgrounds…:D

  6. Second one made me smile. One more day to live…maybe long enough to spread its wings.

  7. Excellent take on goose MMT.

  8. very prolific and creative goose haiku ~ lots to think about ~ carol ^_^

  9. Wonderful! (from the land of force-fed fatty-livered geese.

  10. I love all of these, especially the last.

  11. love the goose’s nightmare….

  12. I like that first one quite a lot.

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